MAXBERG® Jura Limestone

One of the Most Popular German Natural Stone Classics

Jura limestone is more popular than ever before due to its warm color, prehistoric inclusions and exceptional durability. Ideal for all natural stone uses inside and out, including natural stone facades.

The SSG has a wide variety of their own quarries and is therefore able to offer the largest selection of Jura limestone varieties.

In contrast to SOLNHOFENER Natural Stone, MAXBERG® Jura Limestone is available in one-meter-thick layers (plates) so that large format tiles and also voluminous solid pieces are also possible anytime.


Suitable for floor and wall coverings for homes and offices, staircases, windowsills, kitchen counters, vanities and more. Also suited for use outdoors.

MAXBERG® Jura Limestone is for the SSG also the base material for formidable facades.