Moca Creme

Moca Cream Medium Grain is a limestone from Portugal with a beige homogeneous color and, if cut against the vein, a distinct parallel vein. When cut in the direction of the vein, the uniform background is highlighted with some shaded areas instead of the vein.




Abrasive treatments with repeated applications result in a shiny surface, highlights the colour and properties of the natural stone.


A honed finish is identical to the polished finish, the surface is smooth but without glare or light reflections.


Blasting silica sand against the material through an air gun and generates very small craters.


Abrasive brushes under high pressure generate a touch-sensitive and smooth surface of natural stone.


Hitting the material, with a masonry tool called a bush hammer, that generates uniformly distributed craters of different sizes over the surface of natural stone.


Brushing the slab with a range of brushes and the result is a slightly undulating surface, very soft, warm and smooth to the touch.


Scratched finish is applied so that the surface exhibits a texture with straight reliefs and natural colours.


Rough and irregular surface with small furrows and undulations in a mate tone.